Ice Skate Rental

Are you in need of a fleet of rental ice skates for your arena, event or party? Magic Ice USA can help!

Pro-Sports arenas such as the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh and the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Florida have opened their doors and filled their ice with public skating patrons thanks to rental skates from Magic Ice USA, Inc.

Ice Skate Rentals

In addition, our experienced staff was on site to provide cash handling, ice safety, ice resurfacing, and skate rental counter help. We can do as much as you need, or just deliver the skates and racks.

Our inventory includes thousands of high quality, well maintained rental skates in a wide range of standard sizes in both hockey and figure models.

  • All of our skates are professionally sharpened before being stored and shipped in our custom racks.
  • The racks are designed to travel and are equipped to be moved by forklift with the skates inside.
  • Each skate is numbered to match a corresponding rack space so you can accept customer shoes or other belongings.
  • Magic Ice also rents skate sharpening equipment and rubber floor mats for skate changing areas and locker rooms.

Please call or visit the Contact Us page to ask for pricing and availability.